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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that many of our members are happy just to pay their subscription and receive occasional news about the Campaign. Others may wish to do more and there are lots of ways you can help us with our campaigning activities. In addition to Beer Quality Scoring and the Good Beer Guide. and Beer Festival Volunteering, other ways you can provide vital support include:

Pub Feedback

As a basic, we assume that as a CAMRA member you will visit pubs and drink real ale! We hope you can support local and regional breweries, where the choice is offered. We always welcome feedback about anything special happening to pubs or breweries in the Branch area – whether good news or bad.

You can do this either by contacting us directly at ku.gro.armac.yerrus@ldnak, attending any of our meetings or social events or by using the update facility on individual pub entries on It is also very helpful if you can submit Beer Festival Volunteering for the beers you have sampled.

Distributing local CAMRA magazines

We rely on member volunteers to distribute our two free local magazines, London Drinker and News and Ale, to local pubs. These magazines play an important role in spreading awareness of CAMRA to a wider audience so do let us know of any pubs that might be interested in taking them or if you can help with their distribution.

Support Pubs and Drink Real Ale

A simple but effective way to support the branch is to campaign for real ale and pubs on a personal level. As well as visiting pubs and drinking cask ale yourself, encourage others to do likewise, maybe even persuade people to join CAMRA - members are the lifeblood of the Campaign.

You can support CAMRA’s national or local organised campaigns, for example by lobbying your MP or letting us know if you come across a local pub that is under threat of closure or redevelopment.

Support local or regional breweries where you can and drop the subject of ‘Real Ale’ into social or work conversations when the opportunity arises! Remember one of our key campaigning goals is to get more people drinking and appreciating a wide range of real ales.

More details on how you can help the Campaign in general are provided on the members’ website at If you have any specific questions or would like to know more about how you can help, please contact us by email at ku.gro.armac.yerrus@ldnak.